Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Turkey vs. Texas

I got this idea from my fellow blogger Corlea, who blogged about comparing her old home of Montgomery to her new one in Memphis. Sounded fun. Here goes....

Natural Beauty: Honestly, the landscapes look fairly similar. Dry and arrid. Texas was a little greener, but I am told Turkey gets that way too when the rainy season hits. We also have mountain views here. So right now, they both get 1 point.

Turkey 1 Texas 1

Church: I love our chapel here, I really do. Both Chaplains are great teachers and the folks there are wonderful. But I miss Oak Hills. I miss Max and Bibleland and our Life Group so much. I am giving the edge to Texas on this one.

Turkey 1 Texas 2

House: No comparison, no argument. Texas 110%. I heart 4607 Eldon Run.

Turkey 1 Texas 3

Kids Activities: This one is hard. Technically there is much more to do in Texas. Children's museums and play centers abound. However-here we are more involved with other kids. We are constantly outside at one of the many, many playgounds within a 2 minute walk of our house. We attend playgroups at houses and the youth center. W seems genuinely happy-so that makes us happy.

Turkey 2 Texas 3

Food: Again, no comparison. I am a bit tired of kebabs. How many different ways can you eat one? I would give anything for one week of eating in San Antonio.

Turkey 2 Texas 4

I'll stop there. Even though Texas wins, I am surprised at how much I truly like it here. I thought before I came that I would just "tolerate" it for 2 years. Now, I think I will be genuinely sorry to leave. Off to take my little boy to play!!

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