Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another Long Night

Yes, we were up again to watch football at 2 a.m. Because Auburn couldn't close the deal and the game went to overtime, we didn't get to bed until about 6. W got up at 7:30-so-yeah, it's been a long day.

A bit of an explanation for this strange nocturnal tradition of ours. I have had lots of comments from people (mostly on facebook) marveling about our devotion to the team. While I wish this true, it's not entirely. I think a lot of the getting up to watch the game has to do with keeping that connection with home strong. I have found that when you live as far away as I do from home, you will surprise yourself at the lengths you will go to to feel a part of life where you belong. That could mean different things for different people-but for us, it means football in the wee hours...and that's okay by us.

Auburn 27 Clemson 24
War Eagle.


  1. We thought about y'all and wondered how late you had to stay up! Dan was most impressed that Ryan was smoking meat! Maybe a personal letter to Gene letting him know your late night plight will help them realize they need to close the deal earlier :) Glad that the late night at least ended in a win!

    Maybe a post on your tailgating food?? And your formal dress too :)

  2. totally get it. When I moved to Texas from MS when my girls were little, I actually stopped someone in the grocery store parking lot who had a Mississippi license tag. And I was still in the USA.