Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Life's A Beach.....

Where in the world are the Stebbins now?  Destin, Florida!  We are spending the week in the sand and surf with Ryan's family.  Good times.  There is an Air Force base right down the road, and I keep thinking about how great it would be to call this place home for a bit.

I find myself also thinking about my return to Turkey.  It's just around the corner now.  I am having the same mixed feelings I had when I was preparing to come home for the summer.  One one hand, I am sad to leave the States and the ease and comfort of American living.  On the hand, I can't wait to see my friends and settle back into our "normal" routine.

Hopefully, I can put it all out of mind for a few more days, and just enjoy this time at the beach and relax with family......

Easier said than done.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Good Day

We went to Auburn for Fan Day 2011.  It was such fun to go back to the Plains and reminisce and show off my Alma Mater to some new friends.  War Eagle everyone!

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One thing I wondered before I came home for this little break was....will I miss it?  Miss Turkey, I mean.  How could I?  It's Turkey for Pete's sake. I am back home eating my favorite foods and shopping at my favorite stores and hanging out with friends and family.  But in the midst of it all-I find myself thinking about home.  As weird as it sounds to hear and say...Turkey is my home right now and I miss it.  Let that sink in.

I don't miss anything about it culturally.  The Muslim Calls to Prayer and the kebabs and the mosques...I could do without all of that.  I miss the little slice of America there that I (strangely enough) call home.  It just goes to show that "home" really doesn't have anything to do with a geographical place on a map or whether or not your house is everything you dreamed of (mine is NOT).  It has to do with a state of mind, and what you choose to make out of whatever place you rest your head.  It's all a choice, and I have chosen to dig into this community and invest the time and emotion needed to form lasting relationships.

So, there you have it.  I miss Turkey.  Universe, you win.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011



Here's one of my favorite pics of our brand new 3 year old.  He is at the zoo with his aunt.  We see this face alot-a look of intense concentration as he takes in the wide world around him.  Everything is interesting to him right now-he is always asking how, why, and what.  It is such fun to see the world through his eyes, and experience again the simple joys of childhood.

I think that 3 is going to be a very good age.

Happy Birthday to W!!