Friday, September 10, 2010

It's 3am (I Must Be Lonely)

Those of you who don't listen to pop music might not get the title here, but I wanted a creative way to introduce the latest Stebbins tradition: getting up at an insane hour of the early morning to watch college kids carry a pigskin on a 100 yard grassy field. That's right-we were up to watch our Auburn Tigers for the first time last night. Even though this was the second game of the season, it was the first one we thought would be good enough to merit us waking up.

I can think of very few good reasons to be up at 3. Maybe a crying newborn, or a stomach bug, or pulling an all-nighter in college. None of those things are fun. I guess I was out until 3 once or twice-but honestly, that's not much fun either. All the fun is usually over by midnight anyway. But here we were, dragging ourselves out of bed to watch a game. For fun. At 3am.

I have to admit, in some ways it is nicer for me this way. My sheer exhaustion takes the edge off my nerves as I watch the game. Instead of cheering loudly and yelling at the TV when I am frustrated, I just nod and yawn. Ryan tones it way down too. We both are just glad when it's over and we can crawl back in bed. Today, we were both dragging all day-I am going to call it "Tigerlag"-and yawning frequently.

As strange as this sounds and as weird as people might think we are, this is one of those "little things" that we will always remember. When we are old and gray we can laugh about it. It is something that we do together, something that makes us "us". I think our time here in Turkey will give us many of those moments together, hopefully all at a more decent hour :).

Auburn 17 MSU 14
War Eagle.

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