Monday, September 13, 2010

St. Paul, I Feel Your Pain!

Last Thursday morning was the kick-off for MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) here at Incirlik. I was excited to go, but dreading the longer than usual (maybe 1 mile) walk to where the event was being held. Instead of wearing my work-out attire and tennis shoes to make the walk more comfortable, I decided to "dress up" in khaki shorts and wear my cute thong sandals from Old Navy. About half way to the meeting, my feet and back were both aching and I was really regretting my wardrobe decision. The fashionable sandals I was wearing had paper-thin soles that were as hard as a rock. I was sweating and hurting and complaining.

Then I thought about the bible study we attended the night before. We are studying the missionary journey of Paul through looking at the geography and historical ruins of the places he visited-many of which are in our "back yard" here in Turkey. Paul and his friends would often walk 200-300 miles from town to town, and then instead of taking the shortcut home, would retrace their steps and visit the same towns in reverse to check on the converts and early Christians they had left in their wake. So, about a 500 mile round trip, on foot, in Turkey, probably wearing similar footwear to the style I was rockin' to MOPS.

Yeah, I think I'll stop complaining now.



  1. Sarah, I am enjoying your blog and am praying for you. :) I went to lunch today with Susie Armstrong and she was saying that her daughter has a good friend who has just moved to Turkey. Wendi. Tall. I remembered the bicycle. Susie's daughter is Brittney Hemphill. Small world. Susie lives about a mile from me at the lake. Another friend lives next to her. We are all going to Mulder for a Beth Moore study on Revelation. We've just started with the 7 churches. Hmmmmm. I'm going to give her the address for your blog. Love you. Mrs. k

  2. Mrs. K-
    Wendi is one of my best friends here!! We got connected through one of my MOPS friends in San Antonio. She is wonderful. I am glad you are enjoying the blog. I'm not very good at it, but having fun anyway. Love to you and Mr. Tom!!