Thursday, September 16, 2010

Paging Walt Disney

Today, I ventured outside the base gates for the first time since our marathon weekend. I need a dress for a ball next weekend and was told someone in The Alley will make me what I want very cheaply. Good enough reason for me. I was a little nervous to go though-seeing how exhausted and shocked I was the last (and first) time I left base.

Things have changed for me though. I didn't realize it until my friends and I had walked outside the gates. I have encountered enough Turks on base and practiced speaking their language enough that my confidence was much improved. Instead of being shocked at the poor architectural conditions-I was noticing the beautiful handmade products for sale. Instead of being timid and insecure, I was confident and comfortable. I shifted my focus from how different this place and people are to the similarities we share. When you really look, Turks really aren't that much different than Americans. They love their family, love to make babies giggle. They work hard and try to do what's right. They are friendly and warm and welcoming. One lady in the beauty salon proudly showed us a picture of her son in a military uniform. It reminded me of the look my mother-in-law has when she is talking about Ryan.

I feel like I became a slightly better person today. I can't explain it. The lyrics to "It's A Small World After All" are swirling in my head. How cheesy is that? But true, so true.


  1. Glad things went better this trip. When you were little, "It;s a Small World After All" was your favorite song- glad it has a new meaning for you now.

  2. I love this post! Thanks for venturing off base with me today! How fun!