Sunday, October 3, 2010

Positives and Negatives

My father has never been one to tolerate complaining-and today, I feel like doing just that. So, in his honor, I present some of my gripes-and to balance it out-some happy thoughts as well.

I am so tired of the heat. I am seeing all sorts of facebook posts from folks back home loving the fall weather. No such thing here-yet. I love fall-it is my favorite season hands down. Changing leaves, cozy sweaters, pumpkins, college football, etc. It looks like we may skip it all together. Yuck.

The nights and mornings have started to get cooler. The days aren't totally stifling anymore either. I also saw a few pumpkins in the commissary. That made me smile. Last night, a friend brought over the best pumpkin bread I have ever tasted with cinnamon butter. Delicious. And we watched football. A little taste of fall I guess.

I had one of those days yesterday when I looked in my closet and hated everything in it. I couldn't find one thing I wanted to wear. Back at home, I would have run to Target or Old Navy and purchased one or two inexpensive things to get me over the hump. Here-not so much. I went online and made a purchase-but it will take forever to get here. Grrrrrr....

I went to the BX and actually found a cute pair of cargos that fit well. While the clothing here might not be great, or even that good-once in while, you will find something you like, and you feel like you have won the lottery.

The Crimson Tide looks pretty unstoppable. It pains me to admit it-but man, are they good. And that just makes me grumpy.

Auburn played early for the first time this season, so we were able to watch the game without sleep deprivation. They also played well and won, which always makes me happy.

Auburn 52 ULM 3
War Eagle.

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  1. Glad you liked the pumpkin bread, and that you found something at the BX! I'd say another positive is all your amazing friends. :)