Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yet Another Reason I Love Turkey. (Note the Sarcasm)

Apparently this country has decided to ban blogspot.  This spells trouble for the blog you are reading.  Last night, it wasn't working-this morning, it is OK. Who knows.  I think I can find a way around this and keep posting even if the ban is a permanent.  I hope so.  I think keeping up with this blog is an important way to keep a record of our time here.  It is also helpful for our loved ones at home to hear about our journey in a little more detail than a facebook status update can provide.

So, on we go...I think. 


  1. Hopefully, you can continue to post without any difficulties. I love keeping up with you and your adventures on your blog!! As an added bonus, you can print your blog into a hardcover book. What a great keepsake you will have!

  2. One step ahead of you there-the whole book thing is actually the reason I did this in the first place! I love reading your blog too-C&E are growing too fast!