Monday, March 14, 2011

Alabama in Adana: Our Cappadocian Adventure!

One of the "must do's" for folks stationed in Turkey is to visit the Cappadocia region of this country.  For whatever reason, Ryan and I have yet to go.  It seemed like my Mom's visit was the perfect excuse for us to check this off of our "to do" list.  We booked an overnight trip through the base's tourism office.  The package included transportation, a tour guide, a hotel, and all of our museum tickets. 

Cappadocia has a very rich history-both geologically and culturally.  It is mentioned in the Bible numerous times.  To read more about the region click here

I have to brag on my Mom a little.  We have stretched her WAY out of her comfort zone.  She has been such a gamer and so adventurous.  She has tried new, strange foods with enthusiasm.  Culture shock is no joke here and she has been such a trooper.  She is definitely making the most of her experience here.

Some Cappadocia Highlights:

The Underground City
These intricate caves were used by the early Christians in the area when they faced persecution from the Romans.  There were areas for living, cooking, worship, and community meetings.  It was humbling to see the lengths these people went to just to worship-months at a time living without sunlight in a cold damp cave.  And we think we have it tough sometimes.

Artisan Demonstrations
We got to observe the artists in the area as they created one-of-a-kind rugs and pottery.  One man takes locally mined onyx and creates various beautiful pieces of art.

Cave Churches and Monastaries
People used to live in the caves of this region-some still do.  The early Christians had many churches in the caves-and we were blessed to see many examples.  The chapels were painted with beautiful frescos-some of which still exist.  Again, we were humbled to think about the lengths that our ancestors int he faith went to just to worship.

A Cave Hotel
Yes, we stayed in an actual hotel carved out of a cave.  Our room had rock walls and ceilings-but was extremely comfortable and cozy.  What an unforgettable experience.

....Stay tuned for pictures from this adventure!!

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