Sunday, March 27, 2011

Living on the Edge

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last few months, you know that the Middle East has been quite volatile lately.  Even more so than usual.  Revolts and all out revolutions have occurred in Yemen, Egypt, Libya, and now Syria is heating up. 

We live close to Syria.  Actually really close.  I choose not to think about that fact a lot, because it is quite unnerving.  The base is pretty clear about where we can and cannot travel.  They are called "red zones".  There are small areas in Adana that are off limits.  The entire Eastern side of Turkey is a no-go.  And of course Syria.  If the situation deteriorates enough there, it has the potential to affect us at Incirlik.  It would have to be pretty major and spill into Turkey, but it could, in theory, happen.  Base evacuations are not unheard of here.  They have happened before.  All of our paperwork for an evacuation had to be filed pretty soon after we arrived.  So we are prepared in that unlikely event.

 We have a trip planned to see Antioch and have Good Friday worship at St. Peter's Grotto.  This was where the early believers were first called "Christians" and where Peter gave his first sermon.
It is located about 15 minutes from the Syrian border.  The location used to be completely off-limits, but now tour groups are allowed, just no individual travel.  We are really looking forward to this unique worship experience, but are mindful that it could be called off at a moments notice.

 I guess this is all part of life in this part of the world.  You can't be scared about things that may or may not happen, and I truly feel very safe on this base.  You just have to be prepared.  And we are.  That being said, continue to pray for peace in the Middle East.  I know I will.

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