Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Alabama in Adana: Day Two and Three (Laying Low on Base)

After the initial dive into Turkish culture at Sunday Market, we have stayed close to home for the last couple of days.  Jet lag hit Mom like a ton of bricks yesterday, so she spent most of the day trying to convince her body that she should be awake rather than sleeping.  We managed to get out for a drive around the base and a trip to the BX/Mail Room yesterday.  Today, we went to a bible study at the chapel and to a playdate with some of William's buddies.  The day ended with William showing his "Ge" one of his favorite parks here. 

Today's list of "Things You Don't See In Alabama" (from Mom)
1.  A really large variety of good Greek yogurt.
2.  Arriving home from errands in time to hear the noon Muslim call to prayer.
3.  The large amount of feral cats
4.  The security of living on a military installation-never having to feel the need to lock your

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