Monday, March 7, 2011

Alabama in Adana: Day One (To Market, to Market)

On my Mom's first day here, she dove right into Middle Eastern culture with a trip to the Sunday Market.  I needed to go for some veggies and so we all made the trip. 

To quote her "it was exactly as I had pictured it would be".  She remarked on how strange a feeling it is to be in the vast minority in a place, since all her life she has been in the majority.  We stand out for sure and look totally different from the other locals shopping at Sunday Market.  She also noticed what a problem litter was in Adana and that the condition of the buildings looked like "a bombed out Baghdad" (an exact quote).  I also neglected to mention to her that nearly everyone in Turkey smokes-and that the scent of cigarettes is everywhere.

On to the positives (there were many).  The produce is unbelievable.  The selection and quality is beyond compare.  Kiwi fruits as big as oranges.  Oranges as big as grapefruits.  Mom was quite impressed with the piles of eggs for sale-probably fresh from the chicken.  She also liked the various fresh spices for sale and the aroma that temporarily covered the cigarette smoke.

We had a great time.  Mom is starting a "Things You Don't See In Alabama" list.  Today's entries:
1.  A mosque with 6 minarettes
2.  A horse-drawn cart down a city street.
3.  Drivers running red lights simply because they are in no mood to stop
4.  The quantity and variety of fruit trees on base (orange, lime, etc.)
5.  A Turkish Barbie doll dressed in a belly-dancers costume holding an olive.

3 Turkey.
Fresh Spices

Mom was quite impressed with the piles and piles of eggs.
Can you spot the Alabama natives?  We blend in nicely, don't we ??


  1. Looks delicious! So glad y'all are having a good time and dipping your mom right into Turkey! Can't wait to here more! (And can she bring me back a rug? :)

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