Sunday, March 20, 2011


Now that my mom has returned home, life here in Turkey is getting back to normal.  We are back into our usual routines and activities.  One struggle that I have here is the tendency to do too much.  We live in a small little town and there seem to always be more needs than people to fill them.  I feel a twinge of guilt at church when volunteers are needed for this or that and I don't offer my help.  I have always been a "yes" person, and learning to sometimes say "no" is a hard lesson for me.

Recently, I heard Beth Moore give a quote that really spoke to me.  It went something like this-"a need does not constitute a call".  Yes, there are areas that I am definitely called to work in right now.  The church nursery that W attends and the babysitting co-op that gives me much needed mornings off are two places that I know I am needed and feel called to be there.  But when I try to attend every playgroup, make meals for every sick person, and volunteer for every need that arises at the chapel, I put myself in a position where I do none of it well.  I am stressed, tense, and unhappy. 

So, I am learning to pray about areas that I am called to serve, and how to to put the rest of it to the side.  Probably a lesson I should have learned long ago, but better late than never.


  1. You are a wise girl to recognize that! It's all about priorities and you have yours right. :-)