Wednesday, March 23, 2011


You live 30 minutes from the Apostle Paul's hometown.  THE APOSTLE PAUL.  One would think it wouldn't take you 8 months to get around to going there.  But alas, this is our story.  So, I was bound and determined to go with my mom.  Unfortunately, Ryan is quite busy at work and couldn't go with us.  Since I don't drive off-base, Wendi volunteered to be our driver.  She recently had a friend from the States, Veronica, move in with her as a full-time nanny.  Veronica also wanted to see Tarsus.  So it worked out perfectly.

Tarsus was a breath of fresh air.  It was unlike what I was expecting based on my other travels within this country.  Once we got into the heart of the old part of the city, it felt very European.  Things just seemed to move slower there.  The atmosphere was relaxed and peaceful.  The weather was perfection.  We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

The most interesting thing I learned about Tarsus is that they have only recently discovered many of the historical places buried beneath this city.  Cleopatra met Marc Antony here.  An ancient Roman road was just excavated in the 1970's.  Archeologists have only dug up the road partially, as the rest would involve tearing up the heart of the city.   The mind boggles to think of the history there waiting to be discovered.

The highlight of the trip was seeing St. Paul's well.  This old well dates back from the time of Christ, and is very likely the place where Paul and his family drew their water. Amazing.  On our drive to and from Tarsus, I looked at the rolling hills and farmlands we passed and could easily imagine Paul walking there.  He DID walk there.  And we get to live here for a short time.  I know sometimes I complain about life here in Turkey-and rightfully so.  But I always go back to the fact that I am living in the "cradle" of Christianity.  This is where my faith was born.  The underground churches and cave chapels where people hid just to help spread my faith.  Paul and Timothy called Turkey home.  So did Peter and John and even Mary the Mother of Jesus.

.....and Sarah Stebbins.

It never ceases to amaze me.

The Roman Road.  Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, and St. Paul probably walked right behind us!

Charming street in Tarsus

St. Paul's Well

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