Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Firstborn

By far, the most difficult part of this whole "moving to Turkey" thing was making the decision to leave our little four legged girl, Rudy, behind. We got her a few weeks after we got married, and she is very much part of our family. However, we knew that an international plane ride would be really tough on her-actually too tough on her. My sister and her family have adopted her and I know she has a fantastic life and doesn't miss us a bit. I am so thankful that the Jackmans volunteered for this important job and I know they love her as much as we do. Having said that, there are days when I just miss her. I miss kissing her wet nose, playing fetch with her, and watching her get excited when Ryan comes home. When I talk to my sister, I can hear her barking that familiar bark-even that, I miss.

See you soon Roo-be a good girl until then!!

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