Sunday, October 24, 2010

Date Night (Turkish Style)

This is a picture of our group at the Carpet Dinner we attended in the Alley on Thursday night. It is sort of like a tupperware party for rugs. You get a free meal in exchange for a presentation on carpet making, in the hopes that you will purchase one in the future. We learned so much about these beautiful rugs. They are truly works of art-taking 2 people as much as 8 months to finish one(working 8 hours a day!). I hope to return home with at least one. Thanks to Wendi for setting up this fun evening out-we had a wonderful time!!

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  1. Oooooh... I would absolutely love to do that! You must share what you've learned with me so I know what to look for. I definitely think you should come home with several! I'm sure they're a better deal straight from the dealer, and you will have such a neat story to tell about them to the grandkids. :)