Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Good Day, an Even Better Friend

So, I got a care package today. I knew something was coming, but didn't know what exactly. In the box was:

~All of Beth Moore's "Daniel" study on CD's
~Flags of the World cards for W (he loves flags)
~A bible songs CD for W
~A Snoopy note pad (Snoopy and I have a special relationship)
~An Alabama CD (no explanation needed)
~Books for W
~"Real Simple" magazine for me
~A autumn scented candle

...and that is just naming some things in the box. Who knows me well enough to send me all of this, and a note explaining the meaning behind each item? Kelley. And if you know Kelley, you aren't surprised at all by this. She is the most thoughtful and most generous person I know. I am so very blessed to be her friend. It would take me many pages to list the things Kelley has done for me that were WAY beyond the call of duty. This package is just the latest example.

So thank you Kelley Elizabeth-you will never know how much this package, and you for that matter, mean to me!!

1 comment:

  1. It's the least I can do! You're in Turkey for goodness sakes! I'm proud to be your friend...really and truly!!