Thursday, October 7, 2010

Humble Beginnings

Interesting title I know. As I type this I am listening to Chris Tomlin's song "Our God." Last night we watched a video at bible study regarding church persecution in Turkey. Towards the end, one of the Turkish Christians stated something that really grabbed my consciousness of Christ. From his viewpoint, there are two kinds of Christians, those who are comfortable, who live a life with no hardships and try to make life as easy as possible. The other are those who are bound by fear, whether it be persecution or fear from living their life as God intended. It's a polar comparison I realize, but the longer I ponder this dichotomy, I realize that maybe, I too prefer the easy life. Herein lies the problem my conscious fights, as I know Christ never intended my life to be my own, nor did He intend my life or my name to be glorified. Rather, He predestined my life for His glory and His name to be lifted up and this life, which He bought at a price I can not pay promises hardships, joys, and more importantly suffering. I leave you with one of my favorite quotes, "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot loose." Jim Elliot. Type at you soon, Ryan

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