Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Luck of the.......Turkish?

I know, I know.  That statement should end with the word Irish.  But, based on our experience here, Turkey puts Ireland to shame in the luck department, even with no clovers in sight. 

I think I already posted about the first time we won the Club's weekly money drawing. Notice I sad the first  time.  It happened again a few weeks later. Unbelievable.  Last night we were at the golf course for dinner following the Base Championship (Ryan WON!) and our ticket was the first pulled for a raffle.  We-or rather Ryan-won a new set of irons.  As our number was called, Ryan showed me the ticket as we both looked rather embarrassed and sheepish.  It really is getting ridiculous.  And it will probably be ending.  We have taken ourselves out of contention for the money drawing.  I don't foresee many more opportunities for prizes in the near future.

But it was such fun while it lasted.

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