Sunday, September 18, 2011

AF Gala 2011

When you live on a VERY small base smack dab in the center of Turkey, there just isn't alot going on.  We make our own fun usually.  But once a year, the base throws a formal Gala to commemorate the founding of the Air Force.  Practically the whole base turns out, and it is a lot of fun.  Ryan got into the spirit of things by rocking some "party sleeves" this year.  We had never seen them before the Gala last year, and Ryan really liked them.  They are basically a way to individualize a mess dress uniform while still keeping the uniform code of the Air Force.  I must say, he wore it well!

The debut of the party sleeves

Showing off the back of the shirt with our friend Jordan, who chose a Texas theme for his shirt. 

With my good friend Sarah, who I meant on the way over to Turkey a year ago.  She was my first Turkey friend and continues to be one of my best friends here one year later. 

Great neighborhood friends-Casey, Molly, Katie, and Logan.  Katie just returned from 6 months in Afghanistan.  We are so glad she is back safe and sound!

Sarah, Angelica, and me.  What great friends I have been blessed with here!

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