Friday, June 22, 2012

Would I?

I got asked the following question recently...

"Now that you are almost done with your first overseas assignment, do you want to do it again?"

The answer?  At this moment, no.  Like I said in an earlier post, I am perfectly content at this point to let my passport expire and never leave home again.  But that is now.

One thing that I am pretty much sure of?  I would absolutely not want to be stationed in Turkey again.  No offense, but 2 years is just about all I can handle.  It hasn't been a bad assignment by any means, but I am done.

I can totally see Germany, Italy, or Britain changing my mind though.  After being home for a bit, will I get restless?  Will I be ready for this adventure again?  One thing is for sure, nothing will ever be as shocking or life-changing as this assignment was.  There is a certain comfort in that.  If I can do Turkey, I can do anything!!

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