Tuesday, June 5, 2012


What does this acronym mean?  Could be a variety of things.....all probably more pleasant than the actual meaning: Temporary Living Facility.  Basically, it is an extended stay hotel.  And it is our home until we board a plane on July 10.  There is no bathtub, no dishwasher and very limited space.  We are on top of each other, and we are a small family. 

In a way, it is the best thing for me right now.  It is erasing ANY desire that might be left in me to stay here in Turkey.  By the time our departure rolls around, I think I might jump on the plane.  TLF is just another step in my gradual withdrawal from this base and all the activities within it.

Another round of friends leaves this weekend....I think it will be my 4,000th goodbye.  With each plane that departs, it becomes a little easier, and the day of our departure gets a little closer.  Things are definitely winding down here!!

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  1. Ahhh...good old TLF. Jim and I stayed in a unit at Tyndall when we went to the beach a few weeks ago, and it was wow...pretty bad. Count down those days, Girlie! :)