Monday, June 11, 2012

My Pep Talk to....Myself.

(Begin rant)

Put a fork in me.


Done with international living.  Done with Turkey.  And certainly done with this tiny hotel room that has become our home until July 10.

I am trying, I really am.  I am trying to stay in the present and enjoy our last few weeks in Small Town America.  I am really trying to stay busy so we don't just sit here in this cave.  But we can only do so much here.  Our options are very limited.  And our friend group is becoming more limited with each airplane departure.  It is just hard.

(End rant)

Thankfully, last night's sermon helped.  The preacher reminded me that in the military we have 2 sets of assignments.  One from the government, and a higher one from God.  God ordained and planned my time here.  And I have to believe that there is a reason I am leaving on July 10.  I am meant to be here and meant to be used by Him until the very moment I walk in that plane.

I have done so well here.  I have exceeded my own expectations.  For 2 years, I have been strong, positive, and downright joyful at times when I might earlier have crumbled.  I have taken a hard assignment and, as my mom says, "bloomed where I was planted."  I can't quit now with the finish line in sight. 

Finish strong, Sarah.  Finish strong.

**In possibly related news, I think I am going to let my passport expire.  Thanks for the idea, Laura Beene!


  1. "The 'Lik" will miss you when you are gone. Can't say I would have pulled it off the way you did...well done. I'm proud of you.

  2. Stebbs, I am confused. Why would you let your passport expire? After you leave?

    And secondly, there really should no surprise things are hard now. I am not there. Wendi. Wonderful Wendi.:)

    But seriously, I miss you and wish you weren't there anymore (not that i would really want to come back.)