Friday, June 22, 2012

In 18 Days..........

........this Turkish adventure will come to an end.  It got me thinking about all the things that are commonplace here, that in 18 days, I may never experience again. 
  • The ever popular Call to Prayer
  • Stopping on the way home from the gym for a tank convoy
  • Being greeted by a car search and armed guards upon entrance to my neighborhood
  • Meat and milk shortages
  • Literally knowing more than half of the people in your neighborhood well
  • Shooing chickens from store entrances
  • Saying "Merhaba, nasisin?" at least once a day
  • AFN
  • The Rotator
  • Ryan riding his bike nearly everywhere
  • NO cell phones, text messages, etc.
  • NO traffic or stop lights
  • 114 degree heat (hopefully not!!)
  • taking a "quick trip" to Germany
  • Doners, borek, and kebabs

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