Saturday, May 5, 2012

An Unexpected Surprise

You know that last post on goodbyes?  How they are so hard because we don't know when or where we will see these people again?  Well, God has a sense of humor.  Just 4 days after I wrote that post, we had a cool reunion with a great friend from Texas right here in Turkey.

Chad and Nicki wanted to start a small group at our church in San Antonio.  We were looking for a small group at the time.  So we met them out for dinner and decided that we would join them in this new group.  Others soon joined.  We shared each others joys, struggles, victories, and defeats.  It was and still is an amazing group of friends.  I remember when W was only about 5 days old, my mom and I had to take him to a checkup at the big hospital where he was born.  Ryan had to work.  Chad met us there, helped us park, and then made sure we were settled in the waiting room before he left.  That's the kind of guy he is.  That's the kind of people they all are.  We miss them.

Anyways, Chad and Nicki moved to California a year before we left.  Then, about 5 months ago, Chad deployed to Afghanistan.  He is on his way home safe and sound (Praise God!) and stopped off in Turkey on the way.  We met him at the terminal and spent a few minutes catching up.  What an unexpected blessing during a time when goodbyes have been so tough. 

Thank God, for the reminder that paths will cross again and that friendships never die.  I needed it this week.

Safe travels home, Chad.  Nicki-he is on his way to you!!!

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