Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I remember being a nervous wreck the day that W and I traveled solo to Turkey to meet Ryan.  We had made it safely and relatively soundly to Baltimore, and had made our way to the military terminal with the others traveling overseas on the rotator.  It seemed like everyone I talked to who wasn't in uniform deploying to Afghanistan was going to Germany.  I couldn't find anyone moving to Turkey.  Then, I spotted this sweet family and introduced myself.  What do you know??  They were moving to Incirlik.  Thus my friendship with Sarah and Dan and their little one, Peter begun. Once we landed in Turkey, we discovered that there were so many Sarah's on base that we all had to take nicknames.  So I have called her Sarahbee ever since.

To Sarahbee:
 To say that you have been an uplifting spirit in my life here is a huge understatement.  You are truly one of the most serene, joyful, and kind people I have ever met.  You just exude it.  Your smile just lights up a room, and others can feel your joy.  I never leave hanging out with you without feeling like some of you has rubbed off on me (which is a very good thing indeed!)  I will always treasure our walks and park playdates, and all the great conversations that took place in those times.  Thank you for being a listening ear for me when I needed it and the advice when I asked for it.  I will never forget you or your sweet family, and will miss you dearly!

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