Monday, February 14, 2011

News from back home.....

These past few days have been filled by drama supplied by our little dog Rudy.  She sustained a back injury late Saturday night and her status was very much in limbo most of the weekend.  As of today, she seems to be doing better and headed towards recovery-but things would have been very different if she would have been living elsewhere...

My sister Katie and her hubby Charles took Rudy on when we moved to Turkey.  She is not the easiest of pets to have.  She barks a lot, likes to hide, hates getting a haircut, and the list goes on.  But Katie and Charles have been committed to giving her the best home possible and have done an outstanding job caring for her.  Charles sat at the all-night vet clinic late in the night with her on Saturday waiting to be seen.  Most people (including me) would have just waited for the morning.  If he had done that, she would have been paralyzed.  He drove back to check on her more than once.  On one of the visits, she stood up when she saw him, which is more than she was doing before.  This gave us all the first signs of hope she would recover.  They have since brought her home and taken her to get a second opinion to make sure we had the best information.  She faces a bit of a recovery, but couldn't be in better hands. 

Thank you Charles and Katie.  Thanks for loving our dog like we love her and going past the call of duty to make sure she gets the best care.  You have made leaving her so much easier on us.  And Rudy- get well soon.  We love you, girl.

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