Thursday, February 17, 2011

  For those of you unfamiliar with Auburn University, the above live oak tree is part of an area known as Toomer's Corner-the main intersection in town.  The trees here are more than 150 years old.  After a big sports victory, fans roll the trees with toilet paper-probably one of the coolest traditions in collegiate athletics.

  I have many, many found memories of Toomer's-most of them having to do with rolling the trees after a football victory.  I also remember celebrating the millenium here, in what was known as "Toomer's 2000".  There was a guy named Ryan Stebbins who drove up from Montgomery to hang out with me that night......and the rest is history.  Even last summer, Ryan and I spent our anniversary in Auburn, and seeing Toomer's Corner put a huge smile on my face.

 Why am I writing a blog post about random live oak trees?  Because of this:  Apparently, some discontented Alabama fan decided to poison the soil around these trees, and they-along with most of the other trees, bushes, and shrubs near them-will most likely perish.

 This kind of stuff makes me so angry.  I am a huge football fan-as this blog will attest to-but the idiocy of some so called "fans" is really shocking sometimes.  Killing beautiful, historical symbols of a university because you are mad about a football season is ridiculous.  Especially in my home state of Alabama, people take what teenagers do on a 100 yard field on a fall Saturday way too seriously.

 I am sad that I may not have the opportunity to make more memories at Toomer's.  I am sad that I might not get the chance to show my son these trees or watch as he throws his first roll of TP on their limbs.

 What a waste.  

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  1. Stupid people do stupid things--that guy hit a new high in stupid.