Monday, February 21, 2011

From Left: Angelica, Wendi, and Linda
  I have lived here 6 months and have had the wonderful opportunity to make many new friends.  Four of us decided to take a weekend away from our families and lives at Incirlik for a relaxing weekend together.  We just returned from a fantastic mini-vacay to the island of Cyprus.  I will write more later on the trip-but I wanted to introduce my travel buddies one by one.  Starting with them, I hope to highlight other friends we are making here on this blog so we can look back one day and remember all of the great times and wonderful people we are sharing this adventure with.  So here goes:

Angelica-I met Angelica very soon after I arrived.  Her son Noah is 3 and daughter Rowan is 16 months.  They are great playmates for W.  Angelica and her hubby Dan attend our church service.  They are strong Christians-in fact, they met when Dan's family were missionaries in Angelica's native Spain.  I love Angelica's exotic accent and her fiery spirit.  She is a passionate person-about her faith, her family, and her friendships.  She is such fun and so sensitive to the needs of those around her. 

Wendi- Wendi was a "cyber-buddy" before I even moved here.  She is just a force of nature, that girl.  She does it all and makes it all look so easy.  She is a mom to 2 boys that are 8 months apart, she runs a charity, she writes a marvelous blog, she started our babysitting co-op, she has learned the Turkish language, and has the kind of "take charge" attitude that has thrust her into the "social coordinator" position among my friends.  One of my favorite things about my friendship with Wendi is that we are perfectly comfortable around each other.  We can be together and not have to talk at all.  I love friendships that reach that level.  But if I need or want to talk-she is always right there, and willing to drop everything at a moment's notice to listen.

Linda-Linda and I have only recently begun to really get to know each other.  She is the pediatrician here on base, and I feel so blessed by that fact.  She is more reserved than the other two girls-but once she opens up, she is so much fun.  She also has great insight on so many different subjects.  She is wise beyond her years-and it makes you want to just pick her brain in the hopes that it spreads to you.  We had a "spa date" on the trip, which was one of favorite things about the weekend.  We laughed so hard we cried in that massage-what a great feeling! 

So, more on the trip later.  But I have already covered the best part-the friends who were with me.  Look for many more "friend profiles" as our Turkish adventure continues!!

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  1. so glad you are there safely, Kris. Give big hug to Sarah for me. Can't wait to hear everything!! Love the picts. :) k