Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Last Minute Date the Hospital!

Ryan and I seldom (if ever) go out without W unless it is an AF function.  We love our date nights, but they just don't seem to happen as much as we'd like.  It is a shame that it takes a friend's baby in the hospital to get us out together, but that's exactly what happened last night.

Sarah, Dan, and baby Peter have been friends literally since I got on the plane for Turkey.  They were on the same flight as I was, and were so helpful to me since I was traveling by myself with W.  Ryan met them soon after we arrived, and enjoys them just as much as I do.  Peter got sick on Wednesday with high fevers that just wouldn't go away.  He began having what we think are febrile seizures on Thursday and Thursday night was taken to the hospital by ambulance.  As of yesterday, the family was still at the hospital.  Our friends Wendi and John (who is one of Peter's doctors) were planning on going to visit in the evening, so we decided to tag along.  Our awesome friends around the corner came over to watch W.

It was the first time I had seen Acibadem Hospital.  It is the newer of the 2 hospitals in Adana, and the hospital where most of the folks from the base go when they need care.  I was seriously impressed.  It was VERY nice.  Probably the nicest hospital I have ever been in.  The lobby felt more like a museum than a hospital, and the rooms were cozy and sparkling clean.  The staff seemed kind and helpful.  It made Ryan and I feel good to know that we could get there ourselves if needed, and we felt even better once we were inside the facility about the care given there.

Peter looked great.  He is feeling better and hopes to be released today.  Dan and Sarah were obviously relieved and in great spirits.  While we were there, we found out that another friend, Shane, was also at the hospital after a bicycle accident.  His wife Linda is the pediatrician here on base and has become a great friend to me.  So we went from Peter's room to visit Shane.  I felt like a candy striper!  Shane was in a lot of pain, but was glad to have the impromptu visit.  Poor Linda is trying to divide her time between Peter (her patient) and her husband.  Shane will have surgery but hopes to also be released today.

We left the hospital and enjoyed a great Chinese dinner with Wendi and John at the Adana Hilton.  What fun.  I am thankful for such a great night with my hubby and friends, but hope that next time it won't include a visit to the hospital.  Please keep the families of Incirlik in your prayers.  It is hard enough to have a medical crisis, but even harder when you are so far from home and facing a daunting language barrier.

We are hopeful that we won't be going to Acibadem too much in the future, and also hopeful that the future includes lots more interesting date nights out and about in Adana.

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  1. Sarah, thanks for visiting Shane - I know it was a treat for him to see you guys!! I'm glad you had a fun date night. Shane & I also were talking about exploring Adana more. We should go together sometime. See you soon, friend!