Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Turkish/American Women's Club

One of the greatest opportunities that I have had here is the chance to be part of an organization combining American women living on or near the base with Turkish women living in Adana.  My neighbor here on base, Seyhun, first invited me to join this group.  She is originally from Istanbul, where she met her American husband Scott.  He is now a contractor on the base.  I was excited to get to know her more and jumped at the chance to join.  Our first outing was to an amazing private club in Adana.  We had dinner outside overlooking the city.  The conversation with our Turkish counterparts was just fascinating and so insightful.  These women are intelligent, thoughtful, funny, and kind-and the best part-they speak English!!  I learned so much that evening about what it is really like trying to be a modern woman in a Muslim world.  Truly an evening I will never forget.

The above pictures were from our second meeting-which was held at the Adana Hilton. This was more of a business meeting to discuss future plans and ideas for the group.  There are book clubs, gourmet groups, cultural clubs, and many more smaller groups all within the big organization.  Next month, the Turkish girls want to show us a traditional Turkish wedding and will even give us henna tattoos!  The American women are going to share Christmas traditions (and cookies!) with our new friends as the holidays approach. 

As I was leaving the Hilton on this particular day, one of the sweet ladies hugged me to say goodbye.  I told her how much I enjoyed the afternoon and how much I was looking forward to all the fun things we had planned.  She smiled and said "we may do many things differently, but inside, we are the same.  I am glad we are friends."  Me too.

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  1. What fun!! I know you enjoy this...can I come when I visit?