Monday, November 22, 2010


One of the cool things about having a 2 year old is that W is becoming so much more aware of his surroundings, and in particular, the people surrounding him.  For the first time in his little life, he has friends.  Each day, he asks me if we can go to their house, play with them, or just see them.  Scott, Peter, Noah, Rowan, Isaac, and Caleb are common words in our house-he loves them all.  But he REALLY loves Elijah.  Elijah is Isaac's little brother and my friend Wendi's youngest boy.  They are two peas in a pod-loud and spirited and yet the same time sweet and kind.

 Racing each other to get a snack-all these two do is run, run, run!

 Sharing a wagon ride back from the park and making funny noises.  The giggles from these two are priceless.

Thank you Wendi for sharing your boy with me this day.  I couldn't pick a better first buddy for my boy than Elijah!

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