Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Treat

While running errands at the BX, I got an unexpected and totally wonderful treat-I saw my friend Deborah!  She is the one who was diagnosed with cancer a couple of weeks ago.  In 2 weeks time, she has had her colon re-sected, ovaries removed, and endured an untold number of biopsies and tests.  But there she was in the BX, looking fantastic, with the same warm smile and sweet words for me as usual.  Seeing her made my day, and reminded me of how the peace of God will fill us and sustain us if we will only let it.  Deborah has an uncertain future, at best, but she is leaning on the certainty of her eternal Father.  She is peaceful and radiant and joyful. 

What a witness.  What a lady.

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