Monday, August 30, 2010

It Takes A Village....

to get the Stebbins settled in Turkey! Things have been going remarkably smoothly for us, but I know that is because of the help and kindness of so many. Just a few examples:

~My wonderful parents let me and my 2 year old crash at their house all summer. Their beautiful house turned into Romper Room and their routines were thrown into disarray, but they were gracious and supportive. Happy Anniversary you two!!

~ My sister and her family sweetly offered to adopt our dog. This was a huge relief for me as my little dog and her care was causing me much stress and worry. Did I mention that they also just brought home a new baby? Yet, they stepped up and gave my dog a wonderful home.

~Our Texas friends, who gave Ryan a place to stay for a few weeks after our furniture shipped. He bounced from house to house and doors were always left open for him.

~Ryan's parents, who hastily put together a last minute trip to Texas to see us and spend time with W before we left. It meant so much to us.

~All of you who have sent kind e-mails, phone calls, encouraging words, and prayers our way. Each and every one has meant so much. We have the best support system and we know it. We love you all!!

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  1. We love you too! By the way, my "beautiful house" looked better like Romper Room!