Friday, August 6, 2010

Getting Started

I've caved. I swore I would never do a blog. Nothing against all of you bloggers out there, but the idea of filling everyone and their brother in on all the details of my daily life never really appealed to me. Besides, outside my immediate family, I really thought no one would care.

That all changed last April with a phone call from Ryan at work. "We got our assignment" he began before a long pause-"and it's not good". We had been waiting for word of where the Air Force would move us next after 4 wonderful years in San Antonio. I had tried to prepare myself for every possible scenario-from Minot, North Dakota to Alamogordo, New Mexico-and everywhere in between. The only thing I hadn't considered-overseas. Ryan thought that would be, at best, a remote possibility. I took a deep breath and asked where my new home would be. "Turkey" he said, "Incirlik, Turkey." What? How? Why? My head was exploding. The sweet, normal, non-interesting, status quo life that I had worked so hard to cultivate was blown to pieces. Other people move overseas and have great adventures and do crazy things, but not me.

So, all of this brings me back to this blog. I have no idea where it will go. Ryan and I hope it will serve as a journal of how God works through us and in us while we are doing something that, at least for me, will be very difficult at times. We know that we will see and experience things that will change us forever. Come along with us, won't you?



  1. I'm glad you decided to become a blogger. I can't wait to read about your adventures on the other side of the world!!! How else could I keep up with the other William? Praying for y'all as you make this huge transition!!!!!!!

  2. I'm officially one of your followers...