Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Impressions

About 10 years ago, I strolled in to Frazer's college Sunday School class (late as usual) and was greeted by the SS president, a tall guy in the Air Force named Ryan Stebbins. He was nice enough, but I didn't feel any sort of "spark". He would later tell me he thought I talked incessantly and seemed a little flighty. Fast forward 10 years, and we are happily married. So, I guess you can't always trust first impressions. Keeping that in mind, I present you with my first thoughts about Turkey:

1. It is REALLY hot. I thought I would be prepared for it given my Alabama upbringing, but I am not. It is a whole different ballgame over here. The temperature isn't that much warmer, but the intensity of the sun is greater. That being said, I hear it cools down quicker here than in the states, so hopefully the worst of the summer is almost over.

2. The base is quite charming and cozy. It reminds me a little of Mayberry. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I can tell it is a close-knit community. I like that. The BX and Commissary (grocery store) has everything we need and a lot of cool items they don't have in the states (the olive oil is amazing!)

3. Our house is older, but has a great deal of charm. It is simple, but with a coat of paint here and there and our furniture here (hopefully soon!) I think we will be very happy.

4. The Turks are great. Very friendly and helpful. We hope to go off base this weekend to Sunday Market. They have wonderful fresh produce for very little money. We were over a friend's last night who went last weekend and the heirloom tomatoes I saw had me salivating. I can't wait. The mall in the nearby city of Adana is very modern and has American stores like GAP and Ann Taylor Loft. Hopefully we will get there soon. I think the only thing about this culture that will take some getting used to is the Muslim call to prayer. We hear chants on loud speakers several times a day. It reminds me that for the first time in my life, I am in the religious minority-which is a somewhat strange feeling.

Hopefully pictures will come soon-our camera is dead and we can't find the charger in all of the chaos of moving.


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  1. You are such a trooper! so positive! Hope that cute William is adjusting to Turkey. I know he was glad to see his daddy.