Saturday, December 31, 2011


As I sit here on the last day of 2011, I am so thankful for many things.  This year continued to see us survive (and even thrive) in a hard place to live.  We have been blessed with safety, friendship, good health, and travel.  We have seen and experienced things that I never in a million years thought I would see and do.  We were able to travel home and reconnect with family and friends.

It has been a good year.

2012 will be interesting for us.  It will involve us saying goodbye to the community here at Incirlik and starting over again somewhere new.  There will be upheaval, change, and transition.  There will be tears, anxiety, and stress.  All of this I know for sure.  But I have learned that I grow the most through these times.  I lean on the Lord. I depend on Him more. 

There will also be new opportunities.  Ryan will have a new job.  We will have a new home and new friends and a new church.  We will have new places to see and serve and belong.  And with any luck, we will be doing all of these new things back on American soil. 

We are ready for the New Year and all it holds for us.  Happy 2012 cyber-friends!!


  1. Happy New Year, Sarah! I can't wait to see where 2012 takes you and the boys. Driving distance?...maybe?...maybe. :)

  2. Cindi-that would be awesome. Tell your boys Happy New Year from Turkey! I know Ryan would love to see Jim and play some golf. Let's make that happen in 2012!