Thursday, December 8, 2011

Roman Recap

A few weeks ago, my friend Sarah inspired me.  She and her hubby had planned 2 trips over the holidays-to England and then Rome.  It got me thinking about how our time here is waning and there is still so much to see around us.  The Turkish discount airline flies to Rome cheaply, and neither Ryan or I had been.  So we booked our tickets.

A few highlights:
  • Vatican City exceeded my expectations as well as disappointed me.  The Sistine Chapel wasn't the impressive sight I was hoping for-but in all fairness, I am not an art person.  However, St. Peter's Basilica overwhelmed me.  It;s sheer size, history, and purpose were amazing.  It was definitely the major highlight of out trip.
  • I think I could eat Caprese Salad every meal for the rest of my life.  Delicious.  As was the other food we ate.
  • On the subject of food, Italians have a MAJOR thing for Nutella.  It was everywhere.  Even at McDonalds-no exaggeration.
  • It is so hard to believe how much history there is in Rome and how well it is preserved.  The Pantheon was around in ancient times and it is still standing and looks very much like it did then.  It makes me realize yet again that things in America that we view as old are really very much the opposite.
  • Rome has a very New York City feel about it-fast paced, vibrant, and slightly pushy.  
  • We walked no less than 10 miles in 3 days.  My friend Casey told me I couldn't wear tennis shoes, and like a fool, I didn't pack them.  My feet ached something fierce!! 

It was an unforgettable trip that made me appreciate again the value of living where we do.

Ciao for now!!

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