Tuesday, December 27, 2011


As you gathered form my earlier post, I just returned from a trip to Greece.  The chapel subsidized about 90% of the cost, so this was truly an amazing opportunity.  I didn't know what to expect because, like Turkey, Greece is a place I never really thought about.  It isn't that I have a bad opinion of it, I just didn't have an opinion at all.  Below are some highlights of the trip:
  • Seeing the ruins of Philippi and Corinth were amazing.  I understand what people who have been to the Holy Land mean when they say "the Bible has been brought to life." I will read Paul's letters with a new perspective now, for sure.
  • We traveled with some teenage boys.  I got a glimpse into my life in about 12 years. Wow.  I am so not ready yet.
  • Greece is a stunningly gorgeous country.  I wasn't expecting that.  It is probably the most naturally beautiful place I have seen to date.
  • Like Turkey, the Greek people are friendly and welcoming.  These two countries have so much in common.  I will say , however, that Greece is cleaner and slightly more Western than Turkey.  I think much of this has to do with the fact that Greece is a 97% Christian nation (Greek Orthodox).  I just felt I had more in common with the Greeks than I do with the Turks.  But, again, these two places are so very similar.
  • I am glad I got to travel with other Christians that I wouldn't have gotten to know otherwise.  There are 3 Protestant services on base-traditional, contemporary, and gospel.  Since we go to the contemporary service, those are the folks we know.  The Greek group was a wonderful blend of the 3-and it made the experience that much more meaningful.
  • We only spent about 12 hours in Athens.  I wish I could have seen more there.  But what I did see was so cool.  The Acropolis is amazing.
If you are interested, click here to view a very brief photo album I posted on facebook.

I think I am done traveling for awhile.  I am worn out.  But December was an eventful month with both Italy and Greece checked off the ole "to-do" list.  Who knows what's next?!

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