Thursday, November 17, 2011

Welcome Home Luke!

Luke and Katie are our neighbors and good friends here in Turkey.  They have had quite an adventurous time here so far.  They are both active duty.  Katie found out she was leaving for a 7 month deployment shortly after they arrived.  And then, when her time away was finally drawing to a close, Luke found out he was leaving for Iraq for 6 months.  Luckily, they were able to spend about a week together when she got home right before he left.  When our President announced that American troops would be out of Iraq by the New Year, it meant Luke got to come home early-only having to serve about 2.5 months there.

We went to the passenger terminal to greet him today.  W has always loved "Uncle Luke" and was excited to see him.  As I watched my son run up to Luke with his sign, I felt so grateful for this experience.  So blessed that even at this young age, my boy is being given the opportunity to learn and understand what our brave men and women in uniform do for him.  He sees them for the heroes that they are.  Hopefully that will be something that will "stick" with him from our time in Turkey.  I hope he never takes for granted the freedoms he has or the people who provide it for him.

Waiting for Luke with Molly, who made these great posters.  "Guncle Uke" is what W calls Luke-definitely an inside joke that would take way too long to explain on a blog!

So excited to see Luke and show him the poster!!

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