Monday, November 28, 2011

Stepping Up

Ryan and I just returned from a fabulous little weekend trip to.....Rome!!!  More to come on that later.  We were planning to leave W with a friend on base whose husband is deployed.  She would just stay at our house and things were going to work out perfectly......until they didn't.  Our friend didn't get back from the States when she thought she was.  So there I was, 2 days before our trip, panicked.  Where would W go?  Would he be okay?  Should I just cancel the whole thing?

My friend Wendi called me.  "Stebbs, (she calls me that) this is going to be fine.  We are going to handle this.  Don't worry about anything." She sent out e-mails to organize play dates while we were gone.  Our friends Curt and Paula took him over the weekend.  We got home to a smiling boy who looked just as happy and settled as he would if had spent the weekend with us.

I know I might sound like a broken record, but our friends here are incredible people.  They just step up when there's a need-and they don't think twice about it.  Again, broken record here, but they are totally family to us.  Although I missed my boy while we were away, I felt completely at ease about his care-like I would if he were with my parents or in-laws.  I know my friends here love him like I do.

Like I told Wendi the other day-how am I going to part ways with these folks?  I can't even think about it.

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  1. How amazing, Sarah (both the trip and the incredible "family" you have in Turkey). I hope you and Ryan had a great time! Loved the photos I saw on FB this morning!! And yes, if you asked me right now, I'd say I'm completely jealous (and happy for you to get away to such an amazing place with the hubbs for the weekend). :) Hugs from Alabama!! ~Cindi