Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Love Hatice!!

It is hard to believe that this will be my 136th post since arriving in Turkey.  I've had a lot to say, I guess.  But I honestly can't believe that it has taken me 136 posts before I mentioned maybe the most important relationship I have formed since arriving, and maybe the single greatest thing about living here.  Her name is Hatice (pronounced Ha-tee-jah) and she is our housekeeper.  She comes every Monday and cleans my house top to bottom for 3 hours.  And it costs me a whopping $25. 

At first, I was bound and determined not to get a housekeeper.  I can manage to keep my house in order, after all.  It was just an expense we didn't need if we were going to be serious about saving money while living here.  However, after seeing and hearing all my friends gush about it, I decided to give it a try.  I only hired Hatice for half a day, which means she doesn't have time to cook or do laundry (which she occasionally does anyway).  She is fabulous.  The house is sparkling clean and smells oh so fresh.  I haven't had to deep clean a bathroom or kitchen in over a year-and I gotta say, it feels good.  I also feel good about helping this sweet lady.  Hatice has a huge heart and is one of the kindest people I have met here.  As with many Turks who work on base, money is always tight for her.  She is a hard worker that just wants to do her part to provide for her family.  It is a pleasure to have her in my home on Mondays and I consider her a friend that I will miss when we leave.  And my husband?  I think he would marry her if something happened to me.  She irons his uniforms-he was blown away!

So, there you have it.  A big "pro" to living in Turkey.  I wonder what kind of cleaning I could get for $25 in the States?


  1. You could maybe get you kitchen counters wiped;) What a great deal!

  2. Today was Hatice day for me. I'm thinking of marrying her myself.