Tuesday, January 18, 2011

San Antonio Shout-Out

Aaron & Cristy. Caleb & Bethany. David & Autumn. Chris & Danielle- four couples in our small group in San Antonio. Rosemary-my MOPS mentor mom in San Antonio.  They are normal folks with normal jobs and normal lives.  But what they are doing in the name of the Lord is extraordinary.

When our friend Deborah Crumpton received her cancer diagnosis, they learned soon after that they would be moving to San Antonio.  They asked for help in making connections in their new home. I fired off an e-mail to a few of my friends back in San Antonio explaining Deborah's situation and passing on the contact info that I had.  To be honest, I didn't expect much.  Here was this random couple moving to town, and my friends there had full time jobs and busy lives.  But I sent the e-mail anyway-in part to clear my conscience that I was doing my part by passing on the message.

Since that e-mail, I have been told by a friend here on base that is in regular contact with Deborah that my friends have been calling.  They have been praying.  They have been active in doing whatever they can to help this family that they don't even know.  Some are giving up their weekend in a couple of weeks to help the Crumptons move into a new house.  We have received an e-mail from Deborah's husband Mark telling us how blown away they have been by the support. 

Isn't God amazing?  Knitting together a network of support for the Crumptons that meets them where they are.  Whether in Turkey, or in Texas.  My friends would never expect recognition-but they are the hands and feet of Jesus.  They are an answer to many prayers.  They are a blessing.  They are an inspiration to me.

We miss many things about San Antonio (Pappasito's, anyone?)-but it is these people who we miss most of all.  And even far away in Turkey, I am challenged by their example and proud to call them friends.

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  1. AWESOME! God is so incredible. This group never would have started if it hadn't been for your and Ryan's desire to follow God's will that night we first met at Carrabba's...a February night almost FIVE years ago (can you believe it? I sure can't.)! We love and miss all our San Antonio friends - no matter where you are living!