Sunday, December 5, 2010

Germany Trip-Part 2 (Subtitle: The Hills Are Alive!)

Today was spent exploring the land of the Von Trapps-Austria.  We drove on a mountain road about 45 minutes from our resort to the town of Innsbruck.  This town has hosted the Winter Olympics twice.  The drive was breathtaking-it left me wondering if folks who call this place home ever get tired of the views outside their windows. I can't imagine living here for any amount of time and ever getting used to it's beauty.  Again, words fail me when I try to adequately describe it.

Innsbruck was the essence of charming old world Europe.  We went to the old town Christmas market.  The narrow cobblestone alleys were lined with booths and merchants selling their wares.  There was everything from handmade wooden toys to Christmas ornaments and decorations to clothing and food.  I actually saw chesnuts roasting on an open fire!!  The air was thick with the scents of mulled wine and apple cider.  We purchased a few small souvenirs and some drinks to warm us up.  One of my favorite moments was when the clock struck 12:00 and church bells from near and far began to chime the hour.  What a perfect memory.

We then ventured to a nearby town to tour the Swavorski crystal museum.  It was, um....interesting.  Let's just leave it at that.  It had nothing to do with crystal and felt like a bad LSD trip.  But, at least we can say we went-and I got some gorgeous earrings out of the deal.

I can see why Austria caused the Von Trapps to break into is inspiring and unique and absolutely stunning.

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