Friday, December 10, 2010


In reflecting on our recent trip, I am amazed at just how much we managed to see and do with a 2 year old in tow.  Truthfully, it wasn't easy.  As any parent knows, this is a tough age.  Add to that the fact that W is an EXTREMELY active boy, and you have a recipe for a very difficult vacation.  Air travel is frustrating, long drives wear on your nerves, and sightseeing is often cut short by tantrums or sleepiness. 

People often ask me if it worth the trouble.  We have 2 choices while we are living abroad-stay put (easier on everybody), or get out and see all the wonderful things that are so close (definitely harder).  We choose the latter.  In fact, it's an easy choice.  I am finding that the memories we are making as a family far outweigh the temporary hardships of traveling with a toddler.  We are going to Istanbul in a couple of weeks with 2 other families with young kids.  It will be chaotic and crazy-for sure.  It will also be another incredible place we experience as a family-one who is growing closer with each passing day in Turkey.