Saturday, April 28, 2012

These Two....

Continuing on with posts dedicated to the friends we have made here, let me introduce you to Casey and Logan.

I met these two in my first weeks here.  I actually got in touch with Casey first via a mutual friend.  It has been amazing how God orchestrated my relationships here even before my arrival-but I digress.  Ryan and I quickly began to spend our weekends with these two (and their husbands) as well as others in their friend group.  Game nights, football parties, and cookouts were common experiences.  It isn't often that you find women that you like and get along with, and your husbands are equally compatible.  That has been the great blessing of these friendships.  I know that not only have I made lifelong friends, but Ryan has too.

Casey- Ummm, I am nervous about this one, since I know you will be reading it and will demand perfection :).  Thank you for always being honest and authentic.  I can always count on you for that.  We all need friends who will shoot straight with us-even in Turkey.   Your humor and sarcasm has also made Turkey a little more fun for me.  On a more serious note, thank you for allowing me to walk with you through a tough time you had here. You may not realize it, but being your friend during that challenge helped me to grow too.  Watching you and Jordan handle adversity with grace and faith was a wonderful example for me.  I can't wait to hold your little one and tell him how much I prayed for him, and what a miracle he is to his Mama (and to me too).

Logan- I think out of all my friends here, I probably most closely identify with you.  Both SEC sorority girls who love college football-and the similarities don't end there.  When things got tough here, I would always think to myself.."Logan is doing this, and doing it well.  So can I."  Thank you for being a positive, happy force in my life.  Even when your man was gone for 6 months, I didn't hear one complaint leave your lips.  You are also just such fun.  When I am with you, I relax more, smile more, and enjoy life more. Isn't that the very definition of friendship??

Luckily, both of these girls (and soon to be Mamas!) will live within driving distance of us, so the farewells should be a little less painful.  So ladies, it's not "goodbye", it's "see you soon!"..........

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