Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Rewind

This is probably my favorite picture that we have taken since we moved to the Middle East.  And we have taken A LOT of pictures.  When I look at this image, I think it perfectly encapsulates our experience in Turkey.  The huge mosque in the background is a giant reminder that we are NOT home.  This place is strange and foreign and presents us with many challenges.  But the three little boys running towards the mosque aren't paying any attention to their surroundings.  They are being toddler boys who are running in a park.  Life goes on.  Birthdays, holidays, friendships, work.  All of it keeps happening, whether you live in Adana or Alabama.  It's what you make of it.  And these boys choose not to let their surroundings change or define them-whether they know it or not.  And I hope that's what I've done in my time here.  Hopefully, I am leaving this place a little better, a little wiser, and with a little more perspective.....

.....but I am still just Sarah too.  A southern girl who loves college football and her friends and her family.  And I'm a girl who can't wait to get home.


  1. Love this, Sarah!! Everything about it!! Especially the picture. :)

  2. Thanks for making me cry!

  3. and Wendi are doin a number on me.
    I cannot read these blogs w/o crying.
    Praying for you and looking forward to the times you guys can all get together again.
    Blessings. (Grama Di--Wendi's mom)