Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Leaving His Mark

**Warning: Bragging about the hubs ahead.  Skip if this irritates you (as it sometimes does me!)

So, it goes without saying that I am a pretty blessed chick.  And somewhere at the top of my blessings list is the name Ryan Stebbins.  I am not going to be sappy or cheesy, but those of you who know him in real life can attest to the fact that he is just a really great guy.   And last night, it was my privilege to watch him get recognized for excellence in his Air Force career.  We got all dressed up and went to the Annual Awards banquet (or "fancy dance" as W calls it).  As a nominee, we were introduced and walked on a red carpet underneath swords.  The ballroom was beautifully decorated and the live jazz group played softly during dinner.  And then, right at the end, my husband's name was called as the winner of Incirlik's CGO (Company Grade Officer) of the Year.  This means that of all the lieutenants and captains on this base, he was chosen as the best.  We will get to travel to Germany now and compete at the USAFE level (all bases in Europe will send their award winners.)  Adding to this, he was recently named the top officer for his career field (Personnel) out of all the bases in Europe! 

You know what the coolest thing was?  Ryan's two good friends were also nominated for the award last night.  And we were all routing for each other.  Not the fake kind of routing where you say one thing with your mouth and feel another inside, but really pulling for each other earnestly.  I know Ryan could honestly say he would be just as happy if Luke or Brandon's name would have been called instead of his.  What a cool community we get to live in.  What a great supportive support system we have.

Congrats Ryan.  You deserve every good thing that comes your way!
The official pic!

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