Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bucket List Revisited

Way back in November of 2010, I completed a "to-do" list of things I wanted to see and do while living in Turkey.  I thought it would be fun to check my progress now that we are entering the "home stretch" of our time here:

1. Visit Istanbul-Done.
2. Tour the Seven Churches(focus on Ephesus)-Still planning to go. 
3. Go to Cappadocia and stay in a cave hotel.-Done.
4. See a Whirling Dervish performance-Not happening.  Found out it is really strange and not worth it.
5. Ride a camel-W and Ryan have.  Does that count?
6. Visit Europe-I hit this one out of the park.  Germany twice, France, Austria, Italy, and Greece!
7. See Tarsus (no excuse for not checking this one off, it's only a 30 min. drive)-Done.
8. Go to Israel(this one will be a stretch)-Not likely.  Bummer.
9. Speak at least conversational Turkish- Evit. Cok guzel!!
10. Go to Antioch-Done.

Now for Ryan's "Turkducken List"

10) Read 10 books...read 8...close enough
9) Shoot under par for the course...did for nine holes + won the base championship...done
8) Run 1/2 marathon...nope, maybe before we PCS
7) Buy a shotgun (hey...Turkey makes the best guns in the world...when in Rome)...Check
6) Smoke a Texas style Brisket. I've already mastered Pork BBQ...when in Rome!...Texas Pride would be proud
5) Travel to Istanbul...check
4) See the Seven Churches and Ephesus...nope, maybe if time allows
3) Travel to Europe and see 3-4 countries...check, check, check, check
2) Get my handicap to 5 or lower....6.2, couple of months left
1) Surprise my wife with a mind blowing, thoughtful gift that will go down in the lores of husbandry for all to remember. AKA...I want a PS3 for Christmas so I need to start planning now....PS3--check, B-day on the way :)

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