Tuesday, August 16, 2011


One thing I wondered before I came home for this little break was....will I miss it?  Miss Turkey, I mean.  How could I?  It's Turkey for Pete's sake. I am back home eating my favorite foods and shopping at my favorite stores and hanging out with friends and family.  But in the midst of it all-I find myself thinking about home.  As weird as it sounds to hear and say...Turkey is my home right now and I miss it.  Let that sink in.

I don't miss anything about it culturally.  The Muslim Calls to Prayer and the kebabs and the mosques...I could do without all of that.  I miss the little slice of America there that I (strangely enough) call home.  It just goes to show that "home" really doesn't have anything to do with a geographical place on a map or whether or not your house is everything you dreamed of (mine is NOT).  It has to do with a state of mind, and what you choose to make out of whatever place you rest your head.  It's all a choice, and I have chosen to dig into this community and invest the time and emotion needed to form lasting relationships.

So, there you have it.  I miss Turkey.  Universe, you win.

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